New Traveling Exhibit, Voyage to the Deep – Underwater Adventures, Plunges Guests Into the Mysteries of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

“Seas” the day starting on January 26

“Seas” the day and plunge into the mysteries of the ocean as Voyage to the Deep – Underwater Adventures makes a splash at the Museum of Discovery & Science (MODS) on January 26. Based on Jules Verne’s 1870 classic, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, this traveling exhibit brings to life the deep-sea adventures of Captain Nemo, his fantastical Nautilus submarine and the mythical world he inhabited. This exhibit, which runs through May 19, is presented by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

“MODS is thrilled to host Voyage to the Deep – Underwater Adventures, an interactive experience that combines STEM-based education, exploration and entertainment in an imaginative setting – the kind immortalized by Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas and celebrated in popular culture from Jacques Cousteau to the Octonauts,” said Joseph P. Cox, president and CEO of MODS. “The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the surface of our planet and we invite guests of all ages to dive into the wonders of its navigation while celebrating the enduring legacy of Verne’s literary masterpiece.”

Jules Verne penned 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas more than 150 years ago, yet the aquatic adventures of Captain Nemo and his Nautilus vessel continue to fascinate readers to this day.

“At Flying Fish, we strive to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, and this partnership with the Australian National Maritime Museum allows us to do just that. Through imaginative technology and masterful storytelling, this exhibit creates a multi-sensory experience that transports guests into a world where exploration and wonder merge seamlessly,” said Jay Brown, principal and managing director of Flying Fish.

At the heart of this extraordinary experience, guests will explore the gigantic Nautilus, an iconic vessel that has captured the imaginations of countless readers and moviegoers. Children and adults alike will have the opportunity to climb aboard this fantastical submersible, where they can delve into its inner workings, take command of its controls, peer through the periscopes, crank the propeller and even test out the bunks that housed Captain Nemo and his crew. Inside Captain Nemo’s Cabinet of Curiosities, guests will encounter a trove of wondrous marine specimens, offering a glimpse into the extraordinary biodiversity that exists beneath the waves. Guests won’t want to miss the chance to play the bubbly pipe organ and explore the galley filled with curious and exotic foods that were part of the Nautilus crew’s daily life. Designed to provide a range of immersive experiences, the exhibit includes full-body interactions, mechanical and electro-mechanical exhibits, interactive projections, touchscreens and more.

“Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is proud to support the Museum of Discovery and Science and its mission to engage, empower and inspire our future generation of explorers, scientists, educators, authors and more,” said Caitlin Beck Stella, CEO of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. “With ocean activities comprising such a large part of South Florida’s allure, Voyage to the Deep – Underwater Adventures is the ideal exhibit for children and families in our community.”

For more information about MODS’ Voyage to the Deep – Underwater Adventures, visit The traveling exhibit is produced by the Australian National Maritime Museum and toured internationally by Flying Fish.

Photo Courtesy of Flying Fish

Dive into the extraordinary depths of excitement as Voyage to the Deep – Underwater Adventures emerges at MODS from January 26 – May 19. Presented by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, this new traveling exhibit invites guests to embark on an epic underwater adventure by exploring the secrets of Captain Nemo’s fantastical Nautilus submarine. Unleash your inner aquanaut and immerse yourself in a world of wonder!

Photo Courtesy of Flying Fish

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