STEM Philosophy

The Guiding Principles Behind Program Development.

A Sophisticated Scientific Thinking Engine

The Salah Foundation STEM Center for Education & Career Development

Since 2014, the Salah Foundation STEM Center for Education and Career Development has been dedicated to advancing public engagement in STEM education and strengthening workforce and career development in south Florida. This unique philosophical approach provides the principles for guiding program development and selection at MODS. The Salah Center connects our highly specialized staff to STEM ideologies to develop engaging visitor experiences and meaningful discovery across all ages at the Museum.

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

STEM is an acronym representing the fusion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math into a real-world, hands-on, inquiry-based learning curriculum. Teachers pivot from traditional roles of instructors to become torchbearers and exploration guides who light the way with questions that lead to critical thinking skills and self-discovery, which are essential components of STEM. The Salah STEM Center helps to change community perceptions of science by making it fun. Did we mention that yet? Then keep reading!



    Removing the Pressure of Perfect Outcomes

    Fun is an organic byproduct of STEM! We frequently hear our STEM team ask students: What do you think? What do you notice? Why do you think that would happen? STEM is rooted in inquiry because questions naturally deepen learning and draw out curiosity. In our STEM Center programs and activities, how a student arrives at an answer has more merit than the answer itself. Identifying challenges and what didn’t work is more important than getting it right the first time (or second, eighth or hundredth time).

    By valuing process over product, STEM removes the pressure of arriving at a perfect outcome, encourages deeper self-discovery and problem solving skills, increases risk taking and improves students’ resiliency. When students learn to make adjustments and try again, they truly begin to understand the work of real scientists and engineers.



      For Teachers and Homeschool Educators

      The extensive STEM Center opportunities at MODS include comprehensive curriculum-based programs for Museum visitors, internships, mentorships, partnerships, STEM career exploration, STEM educator training and collaboration with universities, schools and educational associations. Our offering also includes specialized programming: Aviation Academy, Linking Education and Employment Opportunities (LEEO) Program, Eco Explorers and STEM Home School Program.

        Hands-On Education


        Bright Futures Depend on It!

        STEM education is vital to our future and the future of our community’s children.

        Our STEM Center philosophy makes information more meaningful and compelling by connecting it to a student’s everyday world. Our strategic, thought-provoking and interdisciplinary approach prepares students for success and also leads to local workforce development.

        By raising the level of STEM education and driving career interest in related fields, MODS is helping to create a science literate community.