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Custom STEM Experiences on Wheels

Our Mobile Makerspace delivers inquiry-based experiences to your school, organization or community center with unique and immersive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programming led by MODS educators. Programs can be customized for time, group size and age group.

Minimum two – 45-minute sessions with one class or up to 25 learners per session

  • Cost: $525
  • Each Additional Session: $225

Minimum two – 45-minute sessions

  • Cost: $600
  • Each Additional Session: $250

90 minutes – for Pre-K – 8 grades. We bring science to you! Up to 350 learners max

Each program offers 15 hands-on experiments with demonstration stations that engage teachers, families and learners through scientific inquiry. Each station comes with
all the materials and includes special training instructions for an adult volunteer.
A trained STEM educator will be available to answer questions and ensure a successful experience. Please note capacities, space and volunteer requirements.

SELECT YOUR SUBJECT: (Cannot be combined at a single event)

  • Engineering and Physics Fun: Bridges, pressure, sound, magnets and states of matter
  • Everything on Earth: Water, our Earth, light and space
  • Wonders of Life: Adaptations, dendrochronology and microscopes;
  • Early Childhood: Dive into ramps, Slinkys, rockets and magnets;
  • Full STEAM Ahead: Explore our art, robots and coding.

Agenda: (Schedule can be adapted)
• 5:30 p.m. Museum presenter arrives and sets up
• 6:00 p.m. School’s volunteers arrive and are trained
• 6:30-8:00 p.m. Student/Family Experience

School Provides:

  • Large room (cafeteria or auditorium)
  • 15 tables
  • 15 adult volunteers
  • Requires 15 adult volunteers from designated school to run the event

Book three experiences in a year and receive a special discount of $50!

Program Fee: $425 per event

To reserve a Family Science Night at MODS, please fill out the form below.

Additional Cost Per Learner: $8

This is science that really travels! Did you know that MODS can facilitate Museum programming and curricula on location in your classroom, organization or community center? Our STEM educators are specially trained to bring enriching assemblies, in-school field trips and classroom activities inside or outside at your location. Learners will make connections and gain new understanding all from the comfort of your space!

For inquiries on Outreach Programs at MODS, please fill out the form below.

Minimum two – 45-minute show/120 learners per show
Gather classes for a large-scale live animal presentation.

  • Cost: $450
  • Each Additional Session: $175

Minimum two – 45-minutes/one class or up to 25 learners per session
A MODS educator will lead an interactive session for your class. Choose from a variety of subjects ranging from nature and science to environmental sustainability, health and wellness.

  • Cost: $320
  • Each Additional Session: 120

Clever Coders
Your programmers can become Clever Coders! Learners will explore how puzzles and patterns are the building blocks of codes with a mix of on-and-off-screen making activities sure to engage and
challenge young minds!

Everglades Engineer
Your learners will become animal ambassadors and experiment with a variety of eco-friendly materials to design and engineer shelters, feeders and other backyard structures that will help native wildlife to survive in our urban environment.

Robot Petting Zoo
Introducing the MODS squad of interactive robots! Learners will experience how robots are constructed and coded through hands-on activities with our collection of diverse interactive bots.

Solar Power
How can the power of the sun become usable electricity? Learners will delve into the variety of solar options, construct solar power and bask in the power of the sun.

Full STEAM ahead! Learners will experiment with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) using 3D designs, fabrics, sewing machines and creating 2D art with the latest equipment.
Expand your artistic side.

To Fly
Blast off with the science of flight! Learners will make wind chutes and launchers while discovering the science of flight and the related aviation careers from the ground to the sky!

Weather the Storm
Get ready for your class to be blown away! Learners will explore weather-related challenges and phenomena (hurricanes, floods or tornadoes) that lead to a making activity focusing on designing a creative solution to weather the storm.

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