To Fly

An Exhilarating Journey Unveiling the Science Behind Aviation.

Where Imagination Takes Flight

Let Your Creativity Soar!

Welcome aboard To Fly, an immersive aviation exhibit that excites all the senses! Spread your wings and take flight through open skies in the cockpits of history-making aircraft, traverse the endless red landscapes of Mars, be part of a thrilling 7D immersive theater experience, and get hands-on creating your own plane and hover designs in the Innovation in Action launch zone. At To Fly, you will experience what lies behind the art and science of flight.

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Virtual Tour

Step in to the Incredible To Fly Exhibit

Pan, pinch and zoom your way through this one-of-a-kind exhibit from the palm of your hand. Check out our amazing cockpit simulators, see all the great things you can experience and get a sneak peek at the coolest aviation learning experience south of Cape Canaveral!

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    Mars Rover

    Explore the Red Planet in a Thrilling Simulator

    Join a team of scientists on an expedition to the surface of Mars and learn cool things about our planetary neighbor. Find out how difficult it is to control a rover that is thousands of miles away and see what it takes to send cool technology to another planet.

      7D Theater

      Enjoy a Fully Immersive Flight Experience

      Get ready for an epic multi-dimensional movie that combines dramatic 3D imagery and full sensory experiences like water spray, bubbles, mist and motion seats that create an unforgettable viewing adventure. Films include the amazing Inspiration Takes Flight from the acclaimed Academy Award® nominee MacGillivray Freeman.

        Flight Simulators

        Feel the Rush of Soaring Like an Aviator

        Experience what lies behind the art and science of flight and climb aboard three history-making cockpit simulators: the Lockheed-Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter; the Edge 540 aerobatic single engine aircraft; and the Vought F4U Corsair WWII fighter. Learn about roll rates, G-force and what it takes to be a pilot!

          Escape Velocity

          Learn about orbital flight and launching a spacecraft with enough force and speed to send it into orbit around earth

          Up Close

          See an actual Pratt & Whitney F-401 Turbofan Jet Engine

          Innovation in Action

          Test you design skills and accuracy in our paper airplane launchers

          Why Wings Work

          Harness the forces of nature and discover the highs and lows of air pressure

          Feel the Lift

          Unlock the mysteries of flight and discover how wing shapes create life and enable airplanes to fly

          What Makes an Idea Fly?

          Build your own floating flyer and test it in our wind chute

          Is it Magic or Science?

          Make balls float in thin air using Bernoulli’s Principle

          Invisible Forces

          Discover the power of aerodynamics and really make things move using forces and motion