Powerful You!

See Inside The Miraculous Human Body.

You Are Superhuman

Understand Our Incredible Inner Workings

Explore the amazing miracle of your body and the technology used by health professionals through four exciting zones: Powerful Team, Powerful Pulse, Powerful You, and The Cutting Edge!

In this hands-on exhibit you will operate robots to conduct simulated surgery, drive a DUI simulator, learn all about the importance of the “golden hour,” and learn how to stay healthy and test flexibility, balance and heartbeat.

PLEASE NOTE: This exhibit contains authentic human remains!

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Virtual Tour

We give "Look Inside" a new meaning!

Pan, pinch, and zoom your way through Powerful You! from the palm of your hand. Presented by Broward Health, this incredible exhibit is about health technology, surgical precision and robotic advances that improve our lives.

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    Powerful You

    See What Goes On Within Our Bodies

    Learn all about our skeletal structure

    Learn all about our amazing skeletal structure through X-ray technology that shows what makes your body work the way it does. Did you know how many bones are in the human body? We do. Come find out!

      Surgery Simulation

      Operate robotics technology while conducting a simulated surgery.

      Body Responses

      Experience what happens when driving while intoxicated in a DUI simulator.

      Good As Gold

      Learn all about the importance of the critical “golden hour.”

      Good Health Discovery

      Discover how to stay healthy and test your flexibility, balance, and heartbeat.

      Burn, Baby, Burn!

      See how basic exercises can burn calories for a healthier you!

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