LEGO Playful Learning Museum Network

Ready, set, build!

Inspiring Children to Learn Through Play

MODS is a collaborator among 15 U.S. museums in the LEGO Playful Learning Museum Network, strengthening the importance of learning through play at museums. Play enables us to explore, practice and try out ways of handling challenges in the real world. Lifelong skills like problem-solving, creativity, empathy, communication and teamwork all have their foundations in play. Therefore, all LEGO® programs are based on a playful learning approach. Children’s learning should focus on holistic skills that empower and equip them for the challenges they’ll face in their life.


Children of all ages can build with LEGO and DUPLO® bricks primarily to have fun and explore endless possibilities. Research shows that play is one of the best ways to develop the brain and acquire life skills such as collaboration, creativity and problem-solving. In that way fun, play and learning are closely connected with LEGO experiences.

This holistic approach to children’s development is reflected in the design of LEGO challenges. Each of the areas focuses on one of the following five overarching competencies that apply to each of the lessons:

  • Cognitive
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Creative
  • Physical

MODS is an ideal place for young children to learn and is critical for their development. A visit to MODS teaches young learners how to discover the world around them through brain and skill-building experiences that weave the strands of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) with communication, problem-solving and perseverance.  

The Discovery Spot, MODS’ new early childhood exhibit for children ages 0-6 their caregivers and teachers opening in summer 2023, provides a dynamic opportunity to expose young children to experiences in a rich and educational environment that supports imaginative learning through play as a natural aspect of a young child’s educational journey toward self-efficacy.  

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