Anchor the WSVN – Be a Meteorologist

Test Your Prime-Time Reporting Skills.

Step into the Spotlight, Shape the Forecast and Unleash the Thrill of Live Weather Reporting!

Where Science Meets Adventure at WSVN Weather Studio!

Step in front of the camera and become the face of a live storm segment. Will it rain or shine? Take charge of the forecast, delivering real-time weather updates to your eager viewers.

Feel the excitement of exploring the impact of weather on our lives. From everyday forecasts to extreme weather events, this immersive experience puts you at the forefront of weather reporting. Dive into the dynamic world of meteorology and discover the fascinating intersection of weather and media. In this hands-on exhibit, you’re not just predicting weather – you’re shaping the narrative, making meteorology an exhilarating adventure for all who step up to the challenge!

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