Traveling Exhibits

Hear ye! Hear ye! Enter into the legendary realm of giant flying lizards with Here Be Dragons presented by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. Celebrate the mythical fire-breathing beasts from dragon lore. Plus, meet 10 species of their living wildlife cousins who serve as creature ambassadors for education, conservation and cultures around the world. From ancient mythology to pop culture, explore the human-dragon connection found throughout literature, art, music, science and history. Fly into MODS for Here Be Dragons, the mother of all exhibits! Experience:

  • Three “Dragon Realms” – Medieval, Asian and Dragons in Paleontology (Dinosaurs!)
  • 10 Species of live lizards, including the albino green iguana, plumed basilisk, black throat monitor, European legless lizard, roughneck monitor, Egyptian uromastyx, Chinese water dragon, frilled dragon, bearded dragon and clubtail iguana.
  • View the Dino Dana The Movie, Galapagos 3D and Dinosaurs in Antarctica IMAX films
  • Stomp through Prehistoric Florida exhibit, and see other unbelievable animals from the past.
  • Visit the Ecoscapes exhibit and see several amazing reptiles, native to Florida.
  • Extend your Museum experience by booking a Museum on Wheels, Science Night or a Cold Blooded Critters outreach program on location at your school.

Free with Museum admission

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Coming Soon Traveling Exhibit

Dora and Diego—Let’s Explore!
Presented by JM Lexus, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and Wells Fargo
September 17, 2021 – January 17, 2022

Come on! ¡Vámonos! with Nickelodeon’s Dora and Diego—Let’s Explore, presented by JM Lexus, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and Wells Fargo! Learners will go on an active adventure in the enchanting world of Dora the Explorer, her animal-rescuing cousin Diego and their friends. Boots, Map, Backpack, Isa, Tico and of course, Swiper (no swiping!), are waiting for your explorers to learn and play along. Exhibit adventure includes: 

  • Rocket Ship – Space travelers will pilot the ship and help Dora and Boots take their friends home to the Purple Planet.
  • Pirate Piggies’ Ship – Sailors will take to the high seas with the Pirate Piggies’ ship and divvy up the treasure!
  • Animal Rescue Center – Aspiring veterinarians will care for endangered baby animals.
  • Tico’s Nutty Forest – Learners will help Tico gather nuts to fuel his car before Swiper swipes them. 
  • Isa’s Garden – Botanists will tend Isa’s garden by sorting her flowers by shape.

¡Vámonos! Everybody, let’s go!

Free with Museum admission.

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Planet Pioneers To Mars and Beyond
Presented by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
January 28, 2022 – May 16, 2022

Your space explorers will leave Earth behind and travel into the unknown for an extraordinary extraterrestrial experience. In Planet Pioneers To Mars and Beyond, learners will travel to another world and explore, adapt and survive on a brand-new planet. Planet Pioneers puts budding astronauts and space explorers to the test as they attempt to source their own food, air and shelter while solving problems in an unknown world. They will drive a 4-D surface exploration vehicle, land a rocket, experience G-force in a spinning capsule and master 14 other interactive activities designed to test those skills.

Learners will find out about the planets in our solar system and what it takes to visit them, discover how to successfully pack the right equipment for the voyage to a distant planet, recruit the perfect crew and set up a base of operations. They’ll determine where to source water and dinosoxygen, grow food in an alien atmosphere and build a shelter to survive the elements.

Free with Museum admission.

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