Why Give?


Science is essential to cultivating young people’s curiosity, providing students with a solid academic foundation, and to helping adults understand critical issues so that they can make informed decisions. The Museum of Discovery and Science is committed to supporting resources that enable students, families, and adults to engage with science in creative ways that resonate with all learners. The Museum of Discovery and Science could not provide its many programs and experiences without the generous support of our donors and sponsors.

To learn more about a specific giving opportunity or if you have any questions, please contact the Development Office at 954.712.1172 or development@mods.net.

The following are examples of the programs that are made possible by our supporters.

The Salah Foundtation STEM Center

The Museum of Discovery and Science is dedicated to improving the level of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education in our community from early education up through high school and college. In 2014, the Museum established the The Salah Foundation STEM Center for Education and Career Development dedicated to advancing public engagement in STEM.

STEM education is vital to our future—the future of our country, our region and our children. STEM is everywhere; it shapes our everyday experiences. A STEM-literate student is not only an innovator and critical thinker, but is able to make meaningful connections between school, community, work and global issues. Professions in STEM are rapidly expanding and evolving, providing a myriad of stable career paths for students of today. STEM careers are truly “helping” professions that build communities and transform nations. These professionals are in charge of solving the complex problems of today’s world and its future.

Educational Programs

The Museum of Discovery and Science’s resources, including a range of educational programs, specifically target underserved youth. To maintain these programs and to reach as many students as possible including their educators and families, each gift is a significant contribution, and enables the Museum to continue to engage children in the South Florida region with science education and culturally significant experiences. Examples of how donor investments are creating an educational impact include:

  • #1 choice for school field trips in South Florida (95,000 students visit the museum annually)
  • 26 different school programs/activities directly tied to Sunshine State Standards
  • More than 10,000,000 students served since 1992
  • One out of every three children that visits the Museum attends a school in an underserved zip code area
  • Museum on Wheels outreach program to approximately 20,000 children annually
  • Over 62,000 students participate in our specialty STEM Center programs each year
  • Education, youth development and internship programs to help cultivate basic job skills, discover career aptitudes, enrich STEM education and help build a brighter future for the youth in our communities
  • Through the generosity of a recently established donor fund, approximately 1,200 underserved children have received scholarships and free access to the Museum and science themed camps/events

Community Partnerships

The Museum of Discovery and Science continuously strives to be a valued member of the community by strengthening relationships with community partners from various sectors, including the local school system, nonprofits, universities, travel industries, civic, government and private organizations.  Together we create priceless, exciting, fun, cultural and educational opportunities for all ages regardless of economic barriers.

In addition to its wide ranging permanent and traveling exhibit offerings and public programming and its educational programs for under-served youth, the Museum also offers many programs throughout the South Florida community, including portable planetarium outreach, teacher classroom training and collaborations with diverse community partners.