Scholarships & Grants

Learn About The Funds Available For STEM Learning at MODS

Funding Your Experience

Utilize supplemental arts and sciences funding for most MODS programs.

Did you know that elementary, middle and alternative/exceptional centers and schools can receive funds for student field trips or outreach programs with arts and science organizations including MODS?

Supplemental Arts and Sciences Program Funding can be used for MODS field trips and/or transportation to MODS. Also included is “MODS Comes to You” in-school programs offered by the Museum, such as STEMobile, outreach and assemblies. Please contact your administrator for additional information.

Funds must be used to directly benefit students through admission and program fees and/or transportation.

Schools will receive categorical allocations from the School Board of Broward County, as well as procedures from the Internal Accounts Instructor to deposit the funds in the Internal Accounts.

Any unused funds will be returned to the District at the end of the school year.

Ask your school’s principal or bookkeeper/field trip coordinator to access the Broward County Public Schools Supplemental Arts and Sciences Program Funding. For more information, please visit

Field Trip Funds and Grants

Field trip funds and grants may be available to schools through these partner organizations:

To customize your experience, please email or call 954.713.0930.