Camp Discovery



We’ve got fun down to a science!

When school’s out, Camp Discovery is in! Give your child an unforgettable STEM experience at our one-day, four-day and five-day camp programs and summer camp program for children ages 6 through 12. Camp Discovery provides campers with interactive exploration and hands-on learning opportunities, including a weekly IMAX immersion*.


Fees & Registration

For ages 6-12
Time: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
(Before and After Care Available)
One-Day Camp
Museum members: $50
Non-members: $55
Five-Day Camp
Museum members: $200 per week
Non-members: $225 per week

Book in advance to receive $10 off!

Multi child discounts: Save $25 off total for each one-day, four-day or five-day camps. Multi-day camps cannot be prorated.


Please click here for registration information and instructions.

For questions, please call 954.713.0930 or email [email protected].


school’s out spring camps

We offer one-day, four-day and five-day camps on school holidays and five-day camps during winter and spring breaks. The spring 2020 schedule is below:

Cupid’s Chemistry Lab
February 17 (One-Day Camp)
Love is in the air and so is science! Brew a potion in Cupid’s Chemistry Lab, make a bouquet of flowers change colors right before your eyes and build your very own Cupid bow and arrow in The Hangar.

Expedition: Dinosaurs
March 17 (One-Day Camp)
Become a paleontologist for a day as we dig into the past and unearth life that may have existed millions of years ago. Learn about the fiercest reptiles on Earth and meet some of their descendants that live here in the Museum. We’ll dig into the world of dinosaurs to explore how these amazing creatures moved, ate, lived and ultimately became extinct.

March 20 (One-Day Camp)
Calling all gamers! From Minecraft to Fortnite, explore the science and technology behind some of your favorite video games.

STEAM Makerspace
March 23-March 27 (Five-Day Camp)
Science! Technology! Engineering! Art! Math! We’ll use The Hangar to explore a new STEAM-y topic each day. Explore different science careers: From an engineer who performs stress tests on bridges to researching water quality as a marine biologist. There will be something for every scientist in-the-making!

Totally Tech
April 10 (One-Day Camp)
Explore technology, the “T” in STEM, as we dive into the tech world. Build a moving robot, code your very own video game, and learn what it takes to become a computer programmer.

*Weekly IMAX movie included with five-day camps.

Summer Camp

When school’s out for summer, Camp Discovery is in session! Give your child an unforgettable STEM experience at our “schools-out” multi-day camp program for children ages 6 through 12 (entering grades 1-6) and a specialized Ocean Explorers option for campers entering grades 7-8. Camp Discovery provides campers with interactive exploration and hands-on learning opportunities, including a weekly IMAX immersion for onsite five-day camps. Let the summer of science begin!

For ages 6-12
Time: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
(Before and After Care Available)

For campers entering grades 7-8
Ocean Explorers Camp (see select dates below)

Fees & Registration

June 3-5
Three-Day Camp

Museum members: $150
Non-members: $17
June 8-Aug. 14
Five-Day Camp

Museum members: $200 per week
Non-members: $225 per week
Aug. 17-18
Two-Day Camp

Museum members: $80
Non-members: $90

Ocean Explorers
Five-Day Camp (For Campers Entering Grades 7-8 ONLY)
Museum members: $225 each week
Non-members: $250 each week
Book in advance to receive $10 off!


Multi-child discounts: Save $25 off total for each two-day, three-day or five-day camps. Multi-day camps cannot be prorated.

T-SHIRTS Campers are required to wear Camp Discovery t-shirts. One FREE shirt will be included with registration for any multi-day camp, and additional shirts may be purchased for $10 at check-in.

FIELD TRIPS Check the camp description for dates and locations. A permission form will be required for any field trips.

We offer two-day, three-day, five-day or Ocean Explorers camps. Multiple day camps cannot be prorated for fewer days attended. The summer 2020 schedule is below:

Game On
June 3-5 (Three-Day Camp)
What does it take to create a video game?  Discover how S.T.E.A.M. is essential to the creative process of your favorite games like Minecraft and Fortnite. Be a videogame designer by creating your own virtual story and digitally bringing your game to life. Prepare for three full days of video game design while we learn the basics of computer graphics, writing storyboards, and game coding!


Chillin’ like a Villain
June 8-12 (Five-Day Camp)
Every story needs a great villain! From Descendants to Dr. Doom, join us this week as we discover the science behind your favorite villains. Investigate the science behind superhuman flight, flexibility, speed, and much more. Learn how to use a shrink ray and master your levitation skills. This camp is going to be a wicked good time!

Born to Be Wild (Kratts)
June 15-19 (Five-Day Camp)
Channel your inner Kratt as we take a journey through the Animal Kingdom. Explore the wonderful world of animals this week as you personally meet many of the Museum’s residents. Touch a live alligator and learn how cold-blooded animals use solar energy to stay warm. Meet an arthropod and see why its exoskeleton is beneficial. Find out which marine animals can regrow broken limbs. Explore our newest exhibit Wild Kratts Creature Power!

Hogwarts Summer School
June 22-26 (Five-Day Camp)
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Our first order of business? Get sorted and make your own wand. Then spend your week exploring the classes of Hogwarts, such as potions, herbology, and defense against the dark arts. Get ready for a week of bubbling potions, flying lessons, and much more!

Makerspace: Trash to Treasure
June 29-July 3 (Five-Day Camp)
Reduce, Re-Use, and Reimagine! We’ve added Renewable Resources to STEAM and this week will be all about renewable resources and fun ways to use them! Take a visit to our new Maker Space The Hangar and use tools and technology to discover fun and unique ways to turn your everyday trash into reusable treasures.

Mars 2020
July 6-10 (Five-Day Camp)
Celebrate the Mars 2020 Rover launching with a week filled with space science fun! Discover the mysteries of the Red Planet. Find out how difficult it is to control a rover that is thousands of miles away as you and a teammate maneuver a rover through a martian obstacle course. Visit our StarLab planetarium and get your own personal tour of our amazing solar system.

Solve it!
July 13-17 (Five-Day Camp)
Keep your eyes open for clues as we start this camp with a mystery and spend the entire week solving it. Follow in the steps of a CSI team. Learn about crime scene investigation techniques. Collect evidence, view hair and clothing fibers under microscopes, and analyze fingerprints and handwriting samples. Everyone loves a good mystery!

Kitchen Chemistry
July 20-24 (Five-Day Camp)
Explore how chemistry, biology, and technology all play a part in the world of food and nutrition. Create edible juice bubbles, use chemistry to cook edible slime, and make your own solar ovens for some afternoon snacks. Put a cherry on top of your week with a walking field trip to Kilwins to learn how fudge is made. Fun and Science are the main ingredients!

Summer Games
July 27-31 (Five-Day Camp)
We’re celebrating the 2020 Summer Olympics this week!  Learn how human and animal athletes alike use science to function under extreme conditions. Campers will compete in their own games and challenges including MODS Robot Olympics.

Hogwarts Fantastic Beasts
Aug. 3-7 (Five-Day Camp)
Hippogriffs, Basilisks, and Dragons Oh my! Come discover the magic of the wizarding world and the creatures that live there. Learn about bats, owls, and other creatures that live and work in Hogwarts.Take a course in Care of Magical Creatures, dissect an owl pellet to discover what Hedwig’s been eating, and get an up close and personal with the Museums own “Fantastic Beasts.”

Wet ‘n’ Wild Florida
Aug. 10-14 (Five-Day Camp)
This week is all about Florida’s backyard!  We’ll discover the wonders of the ocean, and how it affects Florida’s Everglades and so much more.  Explore the beauty and diverse wildlife that make our last frontier home. Find out why they rely on each other to keep our drinking water clean.

Mad Science: Time to Slime!
Aug. 17-18 (Two-Day Camp)
Camp discovery is going mad this week: mixing, measuring, and making a mess! We will be pushing the limits of creativity and encouraging dirty, messy, colorful science! Learn about physics and chemistry while creating giant fizzy works of art and make a new slime everyday using crazy, different ingredients in our slime lab. We’re mad…I tell you…MAD!

Ocean Explorers
July 6-10 (Five-Day Camp) • July 27-31(Five-Day Camp)
Calling all aspiring marine scientists! Explore coastal marine and coral reef ecosystems at Dania Beach. Conduct estuary and barrier island fieldwork. See the FAU ocean engineering and electronics labs, submarines and flow tunnels. Learn the natural history of sea turtles. Find out about marine science careers. Design, build and race a solar-powered boat.


Please click here for registration information and instructions.

For questions, please call 954.713.0930 or email [email protected].

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