powerful-you-2This new permanent exhibit showcases the amazing miracle of the human body features four zones: Powerful Pulse, Powerful Team, Powerful You, and The Cutting Edge. Through the use of fun interactive exhibits and amazing images, children and adults alike will learn about the importance of health, the human body and the technology used by health professionals to keep you healthy. Powerful You! is presented by Broward Health.

Powerful You

The human body is a wonderfully complex mechanism that is built to be active. Powerful You features interactive exhibits that will test your strength, brain function and overall body performance. Discover how your body continually changes throughout your lifetime, what measures you can take to prevent or reduce the risk of injury while being active and how modern medical science and technology can rehabilitate and maintain the body after an injury.

powerful-you-3Powerful Pulse

The heart is the most important muscle in the body and it must be exercised and taken care of to ensure proper function. Powerful Pulse explores heart anatomy and function, different types of heart procedures, heart health and nutrition, and heart disease and prevention. Learn the anatomy of the heart, ways to prevent and treat heart disease, how your diet impacts heart health and how the heart’s main operating systems function.

powerful-you-4Powerful Team

Powerful Team highlights the entire team of medical experts needed to maintain a healthy body and provide care in the event of a medical emergency. Take a test drive in the DUI simulator, learn the timeline of the “golden hour” and trauma care, recognize emergency conditions, tour an ambulance and discover different types of career opportunities in the health care system.

powerful-you-5The Cutting Edge

As science and technology continually develop new tools and solutions for the benefit of human health, hospitals need to remain up to date as they utilize some of the most innovative equipment and technology in the medical field. The Cutting Edge explores the medical technology featured at Broward Health, medical imaging, cancer and treatment, physical therapy and prosthetics. Find out how robotic surgery is being used, become familiar with the CyberKnife and get the facts about the 128 Slice CT Scanner.