otter-at-playOtters At Play

First Floor

North American river otters live and play in their own two-story, indoor/outdoor habitat, complete with swimming pool and waterfall. The otters’ playful world can be viewed underwater on the first floor or from above from the second floor. As they are being entertained by these semi-aquatic mammals, students will learn about the challenges faced by Florida’s native animals from human encroachment, invasive species, and other predators. They will also learn that otters are very vocal and communicate with one another using a large variety of calls such as whistles, buzzes, twitters, staccato chuckles and chirps. From their whiskers to their webbed feet, our family of river otters educate students about what it takes to keep ecosystems vibrant and healthy.


Everglades Airboat Adventures

First Floor

Board the 20-person airboat ride simulator for an amazing journey into the Everglades without ever leaving the museum! Leave the bug spray behind as you embark on an adventure through one of our most cherished national parks. Experience the twists, turns and stops of in this simulated airboat ride as you learn about the water, weather, plants and animals that call these wetlands home.

Supported on a six-point pivot system, this full range of motion simulator will transport visitors into the heart of the Everglades for an adventure they won’t soon forget. An immersive film experience, produced by award winning IMAX cinematographer James Neihouse, will allow riders to really get a sense of the ecosystem around them in amazing detail.


Prehistoric-FLPrehistoric Florida

First Floor

Step into the mouth of a giant megalodon, an extinct species of shark that lived many millions of years ago, and live to tell the tale. Go 65 million years back in time and get a new perspective on Florida’s prehistoric past and how it was shaped by climate change and changes in sea levels. Become a fossil hunter and dig for fossilized shark teeth and an archelon, the largest turtle that ever existed. Get close to a confrontation between a saber-toothed cat and an Imperial Mammoth and learn how they came to live in ancient Florida. Learn why evidence of human habitation has been found far out in the Gulf of Mexico. Discover how melting glaciers affect sea level rise. Dig through time in simulations that illustrate the amazing diversity of geology, flora and fauna that have populated Florida through eons of time.


Florida Water Story

Second Floor

H2O is the star of this story! Learn what this little molecule is composed of and just what it can do. This interactive exhibit explains the importance of water here in Florida and how it flows and transforms from our aquifers to the air and sea. Learn how the aquifers that underlie Florida provide our fresh water. Experiment with the effects of wet and dry seasons on a giant Florida water table. Interactive devices will challenge students to divide up Florida’s water between people, farming and nature and realize the outcome of their decisions.



Keller Science Theater

Second Floor

Students can enjoy exciting science shows and presentations in the Keller Science Theater. Classes can watch demonstrations of physical and chemical phenomena, live animal shows, and special science presentations. Learn about everything from liquid nitrogen to alligators in our well-equipped theater presented by our knowledgeable and well-trained staff. Our enthusiastic staff members have the ability to turn any science topic into an unforgettable experience of discovery and exploration. The theater has seating for up to 100 students, and can support film presentations, internet based programs, and a variety of live presentations.



Mangurian Foundation Lifelong Learning Center

Second Floor

The Mangurian Foundation Lifelong Learning Center, located within the new EcoDiscovery Center, has four fully-equipped learning spaces that can be converted to either labs or classrooms. In the learning center, Museum staff deliver stimulating educational programs during student field trips, day camps, or overnight camp-ins.