MODS is thrilled to announce the launch of INSPIRE (INnovative STEM Programs In Remote Education) to connect learners in grades PreK-12 to live interactive virtual Museum programming in the comfort of their classrooms or homes. The program provides bi-directional, real-time, virtual programming streamed to learners using secure video conferencing platforms.

MODS offers four enriching INSPIRE options to support educators enhance STEM learning and augment classroom curriculum:

INSPIRE KIT: LABS 30-minute lab • 30-40 learners per session
INSPIRE Labs are filled with hands-on, real-world connections that help learners (children and adults) to explore STEM in this impactful evidence-based approach. Labs are specifically created to meet your instructional needs. These interactive programs were selected due to their high instructional impact in an interactive virtual, distance-learning setting. Each live, virtual program includes a kit of required materials and fun activity sheets to keep learners’ minds active!

INSPIRE KIT: MAKERSPACE 45-minute program • 30-40 learners per session
Join a MODS Maker-educator live, as we learn about the Design Process and all of the joys of MAKING! Each learner will receive a kit of materials and supplies that will enable them to MAKE with us as we build and engineer together!

INSPIRE TOURS 30-minute program • 60-100 learners per session
Join a MODS educator live on a virtual tour of your favorite MODS exhibits. Explore, discover and learn via your robotic avatar – a self-driving, two wheeled videoconferencing robot! Enjoy a virtual Museum experience like no other! Each tour involves demonstrations that teach the exhibit’s core principles, along with supporting props. Also included are fun and interactive activity sheets for extended learning.

Tour Selections (adapted for all grade levels):

  • Florida Environment – Florida Ecoscapes, Otters at Play and Prehistoric Florida
  • Health and Wellness – Powerful You Engineering – To Fly and Makerspace
  • Expedition: Dinosaur (Now – December 31, 2020)

INSPIRE CONNECT 30-minute program • 60-75 learners per session
Join our MODS educator virtually, as we demonstrate STEM concepts through exciting activities designed to instill understanding of key learning objectives. There are specific virtual demonstration themes to select based on your grade level. Each program includes fun and interactive activity sheets to activate your learners’ minds!

All programs are aligned with Florida BEST Standards and the National Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Join Museum educators for fun, interactive stage shows, labs and demonstrations that highlight an array of exciting STEM topics.

Please click here to read our complete 2020-2021 Educator Resource Guide.

Special packages available for homeschool learners.

To inquire or book your INSPIRE program, please email booking@mods.net.


MODS and AutoNation® IMAX® Theater are currently closed to the public.

For more than 40 years, MODS has served as your trusted source for science education in the South Florida community. Our deepest commitment is to create the safest environment possible for our guests, staff, volunteers and animals that call MODS home.

With the Governor’s Executive Order 20-244 and Broward County’s Emergency Order 20-26, MODS’ Healthy Scientists Make Healthy Choices Protocol remains steadfast and unchanged at this time. Based on science and the realities of the pandemic, we will make protocol updates and ultimately reopen our doors to the public when we believe it is safest to do so. For everyone's protection, face masks will be required inside the Museum.

We look forward to welcoming the public back to the Museum in the near future. Until then, please connect with us for incredible virtual or safe drive-thru experiences. For Museum updates, visit our website at mods.org or sign up for our newsletter to see the coolest content first! Thank you for your understanding, trust and support during these exceptional times.