Fishy_Fossils_exhibitTravel back in time in our new exhibit and learn about the amazing creatures that lived in the world’s oceans 65 million years ago. What do you think they ate? What do you think preyed upon the fish? The exhibit will showcase real and cast prehistoric fossilized fish and other sea creatures. See several species of ammonites, fossilized fish, sting rays and real prehistoric shark’s teeth! The specimens on display in this exhibit are on loan from the Broward College Graves Museum Collection.




The Museum of Discovery and Science (MODS) is closed to the public in accordance with Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order 20-112 stating that interactive exhibits remain closed. During this time, please connect through engaging virtual STEM content on our social media platforms @modsftl. Please enjoy these videos and check our website for future updates. 

To our scientastic MODS Members: We are committed to you! We are extending ALL memberships upon renewal. One year = 18 months. We thank you for your continued support. 

We look forward to re-opening our doors and welcoming all back to the Museum.