Permanent Exhibits

First Floor


The Discovery Center, designed for children ages six and under, teaches children the fundamentals of sorting, matching, role play, cooperative play and teamwork. Whether they are crawling, climbing, or counting, children will be sure to benefit from this fun and educational exhibit.





Board the 20-person airboat ride simulator for a thrilling journey into the Everglades without ever leaving the museum! Leave the bug spray behind as you embark on an adventure through one of our most cherished national parks. Twist and turn inside this simulated airboat as you learn about the water, weather, plants and animals that call these wetlands home. This immersive film experience, produced by award-winning IMAX cinematographer James Neihouse, allows riders to really get a sense of the ecosystem around them in amazing detail.



This bi-level Florida ecology exhibit allows students to discover one of the world’s most unique ecosystems. Featuring hundreds of living and replicated plants, animals and habitats and one of the largest living captive Atlantic coral reefs on public display, this immersive exhibit teaches important environmental lessons.






H2O is the star of this story! Learn what this little molecule is composed of and just what it can do. This interactive exhibit explains the importance of water here in Florida and how it flows and transforms from our aquifers to the air and sea. Learn how the aquifers that underlie Florida provide our fresh water. Experiment with the effects of wet and dry seasons on a giant Florida water table. Interactive devices will challenge students to divide up Florida’s water between people, farming and nature and realize the outcome of their decisions.





Ever wonder where your waste goes after the garbage truck takes it away? Harry the Heap, the recycling robot, entertains guests with his “RECYCLE” song while teaching them what “Going Green” really means. Visitors will learn the “R’s” of recycling by playing the recycling sorting game. They will also discover ways to reduce household waste and find out about new sources of clean energy.






North American river otters live and play in their own two-story, indoor/outdoor habitat, complete with swimming pool and waterfall. The otters’ playful world can be viewed underwater on the first floor or from the second floor above. As they are being entertained by these semi-aquatic mammals, guests will learn about the challenges faced by Florida’s native animals from human encroachment, invasive species, and other predators. From their whiskers to their webbed feet, our family of river otters educates visitors about what it takes to keep ecosystems vibrant and healthy.



Step into the mouth of a giant megalodon, an extinct species of shark that lived many millions of years ago. Go 65 million years back in time and get a new perspective on Florida’s prehistoric past and how it was shaped by climate change and changes in sea levels. Become a fossil hunter and dig for fossilized shark teeth and an archelon, the largest turtle that ever existed. Get close to a confrontation between a saber-toothed cat and an Imperial Mammoth and learn how they came to live in ancient Florida. Dig through time in simulations that illustrate the amazing diversity of geology, flora and fauna that have populated Florida through eons of time.



Feel the rush of hurricane force winds in the hurricane simulator or view photos of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Andrew. Touch the vortex of a 10-foot tornado or generate a cloud or peer into a plasma sphere.  Simulate your own storm report in the WSVN Weather Studio or test hurricane resistant construction in FIU’s Wall of Wind exhibit. Role play as a decision maker “directing” FPL power restoration specialists in FPL Storm Center’s Power On! exhibit. Read more.


Second Floor



Visitors and photography aficionados can enjoy the new permanent Clyde Butcher exhibit made possible by a generous donation from the collection of Jim and Lisa Dobson.






KEVA planks allow children discover the joy of creating original works of art or cleverly designed contraptions. They build structures by simply stacking the planks. No glue, no connectors. They can be stacked upright, which looks like it would be unstable as a house of cards, but even this type of structure is surprisingly stable. Both children and adults alike become captivated by KEVA planks.

Sponsored by the Miniaci Family.

Click here to download lesson plans, challenges, games and activities.


dinosaur_exhibitDINO BONEYARD 

Go back in time and explore the amazing world of the dinosaur! Exhibits showcase how a paleontologist locates, preserves, excavates and transports dinosaur bones from the field to a research center. This exhibit includes dinosaur egg casts, claws and teeth. The specimens on display in this exhibit are on loan from the Broward College Graves Museum Collection.




fishy_fossilFISHY FOSSILS 

Travel back in time in our Fishy Fossils exhibit and learn about the amazing creatures that lived in the world’s oceans 65 million years ago.






Visitors can enjoy exciting science shows and presentations in the Keller Science Theater. Families can watch demonstrations of physical and chemical phenomena, live animal shows, and special science presentations. Learn about everything from liquid nitrogen to alligators in our well-equipped theater presented by our knowledgeable and well-trained staff. Our enthusiastic staff members have the ability to turn any science topic into an unforgettable experience of discovery and exploration. The theater has seating for up to 100 and can support film presentations, internet based programs, and a variety of live presentations.


The Mangurian Foundation Lifelong Learning Center, located within the new EcoDiscovery Center, has four fully-equipped learning spaces that can be converted to either labs or classrooms. In the learning center, Museum staff deliver stimulating educational programs during student field trips, day camps, or overnight camp-ins.






Learn about minerals in this beautiful and colorful exhibit that displays more than 60 different types of minerals, rocks and ammonites. You can even touch real lava and make a “volcano” erupt to see how new rocks and land masses are formed! Provided by the Broward College Graves Museum Collection – Carol Jacobs Mineral and Ammonite Collection.




powerfull-you-1POWERFUL YOU! 

Powerful You! is presented by Broward Health. This exhibit features four exciting zones: Powerful Team, Powerful Pulse, Powerful You, and Powerful Lungs; as well as The Cutting Edge, highlighting the amazing miracle of your body and the tools used by health professionals to keep you healthy! Visitors will be able to use robots to conduct simulated surgery, drive a DUI simulator, learn all about the importance of the “golden hour,” learn how to stay heart healthy and test their flexibility, balance and heartbeat.



rocketkidsTO FLY 

Made possible by a generous gift from the Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust, TO FLY promises a real blast while exploring the many interactive exhibits in the aviation exhibit. Their hands-on experience begins by climbing into three different replica cockpit simulators: the Lockheed-Martin F-35 Joint Strike fighter; the Edge 540, an aerobatic single engine aircraft; and the Vought F4U Corsair, a WWII fighter plane. The highlight of the exhibit is the state-of-the-art 7D capsule theater that will take students on an exhilarating flight through the sky using a 3D aviation film and multi-sensory experiences to create an unforgettable and educational experience.




In partnership with the Museum of Discovery and Science, the International Hurricane Research Center at FIU, with the support of Florida’s Department of Emergency Management, developed an exhibit about hurricanes. Prepare to be blown away by this new exhibition that tests home construction against hurricane force winds. Plus, you’ll see remarkable footage of structures tested by the real Wall of Wind research facility at FIU.




Otter Image courtesy Sun Sentinel.