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May 22–September 6, 2021

Visit Here Be Dragons and celebrate dragons in literature, art, music, science, history, religion, and pop culture. This family-friendly exhibit also
showcases 10 species of “dragons”, actual live lizards, accompanied by scientifically accurate descriptive signage with dragon lore on each.

Explore more than 10 family-friendly activities creating a truly immersive experience. Additional education content includes:

  • View the Galapagos 3D IMAX film to learn more about iguanas and other reptiles.
  • Watch the Dinosaurs in Antarctica IMAX film and learn all about dinosaurs and the science of paleontology.
  • Visit the Prehistoric Florida exhibit, and see other unbelievable animals from the past.
  • Visit the Ecoscapes exhibit and see several amazing reptiles, native to Florida.
  • Extend your Museum experience by booking a Museum on Wheels Wonders of Life Family Science Night or a Cold Blooded Critters outreach program on location at your school.
  • Tune into MODS’ free distance learning BECON show, Carnivorous Creatures, on May 19, 2021.

Free with Museum admission

For questions, please call 954.713.0930 or email booking@mods.net.

Funding for this event is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council.

Permanent Exhibits

First Floor



(ages 6 and under)

Children learn the fundamentals of counting, sorting, matching, role playing, cooperative play and teamwork.


Hop on board our 20-person airboat and take a ride through the Florida Everglades, without ever leaving the
Museum, to learn about the water, weather, plants and animals that call this wetland home!
Water is one of Florida’s (and the Earth’s) most precious resources. In this heritage exhibit, students will walk through an aquifer where Florida’s drinking water is
stored before it reaches your tap! Explore the source of Florida’s water supply, discover how everyday choices can impact our water, and examine how water pollution can impact Florida’s coral reefs.
Meet the native plants and animals that call Florida home and learn how exotic species are invading the ecosystem. See sharks, bats, coral, alligators, sea turtles and snakes as you go on an indoor nature hike through Florida’s various habitats.

Learn about the “R’s” of recycling by playing the recycling game.

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Go 65 million years back in time and get a new perspective on Florida’s prehistoric past and how it was
shaped by climate change and changes in sea levels. Step into the mouth of a giant megalodon, confront a saber-toothed cat and an Imperial Mammoth to learn how they came to live in ancient Florida.
Observe and learn about the North American river otters in their own two-story indoor/outdoor habitat,
complete with swimming pool and waterfall.
Jump, swing and discover the principles of physics and engineering through engaging giant full-body exhibits, including ball range, bottle rockets, tennis ball launcher, giant levers kaleidoscopes, pulleys, roller coaster, wheel roll, sound station, sun spotter and FPL SolarNowTM.

Feel the rush of hurricane force winds in the hurricane simulator, touch the vortex of a 10-foot tornado, generate a cloud, peer into a plasma sphere and test construction against hurricane winds in FIU’s Wall of Wind.

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Second Floor


Enjoy exciting demonstrations of physical and chemical phenomena, live animal shows and special science shows. Learn about everything from liquid nitrogen to alligators to coral reef rangers from our knowledgeable educators who can turn any science topic into an unforgettable experience of discovery and exploration. The theater can seat up to 100 students.



Explore three different replica cockpit simulators: the Lockheed-Martin F-35 Joint Strike fighter; the Edge 540, an aerobatic single engine aircraft and the Vought F4U Corsair, a WWII fighter plane. Go on an exhilarating flight through the sky in the 7D capsule theater with multi-sensory effects.

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The Hangar, our hands-on
idea hub, to learn the methods behind the madness of making, and launch your Makerspace invention!

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Students can participate in exciting lab programs in the Mangurian Foundation Lifelong Learning Center. Choose from a variety of stimulating discovery labs adjusted for grade level.

This exhibit features four exciting zones: Powerful Team, Powerful Pulse, Powerful You, and The Cutting Edge, highlighting the amazing miracle of your body and the tools used by health professionals to keep you healthy! Students will be able to use robots to conduct simulated surgery, drive a DUI simulator, learn all about the importance of the “golden hour,” learn how to stay healthy and test their flexibility, balance and heartbeat.

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Go back in time and explore the amazing world of the dinosaur! Exhibits showcase how a paleontologist locates, preserves, excavates and transports dinosaur
bones from the field to a research center. This exhibit includes dinosaur egg casts, claws and teeth.


Provided by the Broward College Graves Museum Collection – Carol Jacobs Mineral & Ammonite Collection


PNC Early Childhood Learning Lab
Little scientists can find BIG discoveries in a space designed especially for early leaners ages 0-6. Upon entering the space, learners will be transported to a rich nature filled south Florida backyard landscape complete with native plants and wildlife which they will experience from the perceptive of a small insect. Sprouting STEM programming hosted within the lab will include hand-on STEM activities, arts and crafts, music, story time and more.

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Touch real lava, make a “volcano” erupt, to see how new rocks and land masses are formed and explore more than 60 different minerals, rocks and ammonites.


Provided by the Broward College Graves Museum Collection – Carol Jacobs Mineral & Ammonite Collection


Build a bridge, a skyscraper or design your own structure in our KEVA exhibit. These simple wooden planks provide endless possibilities for visitors to think and create in three dimensions, work together to unravel physics challenges using principles of balance, geometric shapes and stability to build creations with structural integrity.

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Great Gravity Clock


The Great Gravity Clock stands fifty-two feet tall and is the biggest kinetic energy sculpture in Florida. Located in the Museum’s Grand Atrium since 1993, this unique timepiece is one of the only three that exist in the world.  The other two are in Mexico and Japan.  More than twenty-five years ago, Jim and Jan Moran and JM Family Enterprises partnered together to bring the Great Gravity Clock to Broward County. Years of exposure to the elements compromised its ability to tell time so a major restoration was undertaken in late 2016.  JM Family Enterprises, Inc. and The Jim Moran Foundation generously funded a complete restoration of the clock, which was completed in early April 2017.  Now a new generation of museum visitors can enjoy telling time with the Great Gravity Clock. Learn More






Science Park


The new Science Park exhibition at the Museum of Discovery and Science builds on the outstanding success of this well-known learning institution and further enhances the Museum’s capacity to provide experiential pathways to lifelong learning in science for children and adults through exhibits, programs and films.

This dynamic outdoor expansion of the Museum’s hands-­on learning experiences is a family-based zone of discovery. The exhibits provide multiple, content-rich opportunities in which visitors can experiment with basic principles of the physical world and come to intuitive understandings about how they work.

The exciting, skill-based experiences and environment of the Science Park encourage open-ended experimentation in the physical sciences and the development of science-thinking skills. By creating a playful world where the mind, the senses and the emotions are all engaged in exciting and interconnected ways, the exhibits at the new Science Park generate those surprising “a-­ha” moments where true discovery and learning take place.

Watch Opening Day Video!

Watch WPBT South Florida PBS KidVision at the Science Park!

Science Park Interactive Exhibits

Science Park Activity Guide


MODS Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

Visitors can go on a trek throughout the Museum to find augmented reality (AR) targets with our new AR scavenger hunt.
Find the targets, answer the questions, earn badges and win MODS Money!

To get started, download the “Museum of Discovery and Science” app in the Apple or Google Play stores on your mobile device, and click the Scavenger Hunt button. Once you’ve located all 19 badges, visit the Explore Store to claim your MODS Money prize!

Look for more AR targets like this one throughout the Museum! Aim your mobile phone camera at them and see what surprises jump out!

Panther Prowl

Panther Prowl, the all-new Augmented Reality (AR) experience, offers an enhanced experience allowing visitors to learn about Florida panther conservation through an interactive presentation before playing Panther Prowl at MODS.

This virtual experience is accessible to visitors using iOS or Android devices through the MODS app. Florida Panthers fans who find all four digital Florida panthers in the Museum will win a special prize, which can be picked up in the Explore Store.

This program was made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Florida Panthers Foundation.

DOWNLOAD the “Museum of Discovery and Science” app in the Apple or Google Play stores on your mobile device to play!