Storm Center

Feel, Touch and Understand the Powerful Forces Behind Weather.

Feel Science’s Impact on Weather

Grow Your Understanding of Nature’s Forces and the World of Solar and Renewable Resources.

Ever wonder how storms become so powerful and what it takes to protect our world against them? At Storm Center, you can experience the rush of hurricane-force winds in a hurricane simulator, touch the vortex of a 10-foot tornado, explore weather-related engineering challenges, generate a cloud, touch your hands to a plasma sphere and engage in the science behind harnessing the sun’s energy. Delve into the role of solar technology in reducing carbon footprints and shape a sustainable future.

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Hurricane Research

Experience the Powerful Forces of Wind

See What It Takes to Survive a Category 5 Storm

Based on Florida International University’s Wall of Wind exhibit, you can test your construction against a Category 1 – 5 storm. See what it takes for structures to survive and how we can build a better, and stronger, future.

    Touch a Plasma Ball

    Learn About High Voltage

    Florida Is the Lightning Capital of the Country

    Get hands-on with a plasma sphere and watch it light up! A lightning flash is caused by an electrical current, which heats the ordinary gas in the air up to a very high temperature and makes a glowing plasma column! And that’s what you’ll see as the lightning flash.

      FPL SolarNow

      Engage in the Science Behind Harnessing the Sun's Energy

      Florida Averages 230 Days Annually Making It an Optimal Location for Solar Energy

      Delve into the role of solar technology in reducing carbon footprints and shape a sustainable future with FPL SolarNowTM.

        Restore Power

        Role play as a decision maker “directing” FPL power restoration specialists who are working to restore power safely after a storm. Learn how FPL responds to hurricanes and gets the lights back on.

        What’s News? You Are!

        Step in front of the camera at MODS’ WSVN News Station and see what it’s like to be a real weather reporter.

        Hurricane Force

        Feel the intense rush of wind in a hurricane simulator

        Feel a Tornado

        Touch the vortex of a 10ft (2.5m) tall tornado!

        Touch the Clouds

        Try to make a perfectly circular cloud as you watch them soar into the sky

        Test Construction Readiness

        See what it takes for structures to survive hurricane force winds

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        YouTube video