Science Park

Discover Physical Scientific Principles Through Outdoor Activities.

Get Out And Explore

Jump, swing and discover the basic principles of the physical world and understand how things work! Create a playful world where the mind, the senses, and the emotions are all engaged in exciting and interconnected ways. These activities generate those surprising “a-­ha” moments where true discovery and learning take place.

Virtual Tour

Experience Science in the Great Outdoors

Pan, pinch, and zoom your way through Science Park from the palm of your hand. See all the cool things you can discover while having loads of big fun doing sciency stuff!

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    Learn Science By Playing Outdoors

    Get Physical with Physics

    Have tons of fun seeing how cool stuff works

    Engage with giant full-body exhibits, including ball range, bottle rockets, tennis ball launcher, giant levers kaleidoscopes, pulleys, roller coaster, wheel roll, sound station, sun spotter and FPL SolarNow.

      Science Park Activity Guide

      Created for Kids BY Kids

      This Activity Guide was created in collaboration between the Museum of Discovery and Science educators and the 8th grade students at Deerfield Beach Middle School in Spring of 2017.


        Light the Learning Fuse

        Experience the science behind bottle rockets and propulsion.

        The Ups & Downs

        Explore how Newton’s laws of motion impact a rollercoaster.

        Push & Pull

        Experiment with heavy lifting using giant levers and pulleys.

        YouTube video

        YouTube video

        YouTube video