Prehistoric Florida

Unbelievable Animals You Have to See to Believe.

Meet Ancient Creatures That Roamed Earth

See How Florida Is Shaped by Its Past.

Go 65 million years back in time and get a new perspective on Florida’s prehistoric past and how it was shaped by climate change and changes in sea levels. Step into the mouth of a giant megalodon, confront a Saber-toothed cat and gaze upon an Imperial mammoth to learn how they came to live in ancient Florida.

Virtual Tour

Find Out in Advance What 'Gigantic' Really Means.

Pan, pinch and zoom your way through Prehistoric Florida from the palm of your hand. See these incredible creatures and get a feel for the size and scale of the monstrous things that came before us. If you like being blown away, this exhibit is for you!

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    Life-Sized Creatures

    Imperial Mammoth vs Saber-Tooth Cat

    See This Epic Battle of Prehistoric Giants!

    As some of the largest mammals ever to roam Florida, the Imperial mammoth stood over 14ft (4m) tall and the Saber-toothed cat was the size of a modern Siberian tiger! Both of these animals vanished from Florida around 10,000 years ago due to hunting and climate change.

      Life-Sized Creatures


      Get up Close With the Largest Predatory Fish of All Time!

      Peer into the mouth of a life-sized model of a 60 ft. long megalodon and venture inside the belly of the largest fish to ever swim in Florida’s waters.

        Sea Level Rise

        Watch as Changes in Sea Level Alter Florida’s Coastline.

        Learn how rising sea levels along the Gulf Coast following the Last Glacial Maximum created climate change in the Northern Hemisphere, where temperatures began to warm substantially and ice sheets started to melt.

          Meet a Megalodon

          See a life-sized model of the largest fish of all time and compare a megalodon tooth to that of a Great White shark

          Dig for Fossils

          Excavate the bones of archelon, an extinct species of sea turtle as large as a car!

          How Do You Compare?

          Step on a scale to see how your weight compares to a megalodon, a Saber-Toothed cat or an Imperial mammoth.

          Imperial Mammoth

          Stare straight up at a 14ft (4m) tall mammoth, one of the largest mammals to ever live in Florida

          “See” Level Rise

          Journey back in time to watch sea levels change with the rise and fall of the Ice Ages.

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