Otters at Play

Go on an Amphibious Joy Ride with Some New Friends!

Press Your Nose To The Glass

Wonder at This Fun Group of Playful Members of the Weasel Family

Observe and learn about the North American river otters in their own two-story indoor/outdoor habitat, complete with swimming pool and waterfall. River otters are the only true amphibious member of the weasel family – and they love to have a good time!

Did You Know?

Although called river otters, their name is somewhat misleading. River otters live in many different kinds of water throughout North America, including rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, wetlands, coastal shorelines and marshes. Basically, they’ll live wherever they can find food and water to swim in, but they’re sensitive to pollution so they won’t inhabit polluted waterways.

By the early 20th century, river otters were nearly driven to extinction by over-trapping, habitat loss and water pollution. They had disappeared from much of their North American range. However, as habitat conditions have improved over the past several decades and because of the success of several state reintroduction programs, river otters are making a comeback. They are now listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the world’s leading conservation organization, as a species of least concern.

Meet the Keeper

Join One of Our Otter Keepers for a Talk

Learn about our resident North American river otters, Peach and Toosie, and see how our Keepers spend their days caring for these fun-loving creatures.

    Florida Panther Prowl

    An Augmented Reality Experience About Florida Panther Conservation

    Download the MODS app and start tracking Florida panthers hidden throughout the Museum to see where these predatory creatures are hiding! 

      Meet the Keeper

      Join one of our Otter Keepers for a daily talk where you’ll learn all about our resident otters, Joey and Linus

      Watch the Otter Slide

      See how otters love to slide and ride along with them in this play experience

      Go on the Prowl

      Track Florida panthers hidden throughout the Museum through the MODS app

      Have Breakfast With the Otters

      A one-of-a-kind dining experience with MODS’ otters and keepers before the Museum opens to the public!

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