Great Gravity Clock

Tell Time From The Largest Kinetic Energy Sculpture in Florida!

It’s Time To Learn About Kinetic Energy

At a massive 52-foot-tall, the Great Gravity Clock is the biggest kinetic energy sculpture in Florida! This unique timepiece is one of only three that exist in the world. Below the face of the clock, a minute rail, ten-minute rail and an hour rail affect the clock’s movement as a ball passes through each point. Because each ball represents an increment of time, it is a digital clock. Each minute, a ball moves around the face of the clock and is released onto a digital ride. Gravity takes over, causing the balls to travel the rails. Telling time has never been so incredible!

Virtual Tour

Check Out The Grand Atrium

Pan, pinch, and zoom your way through the Grand Atrium and Great Gravity Clock from the palm of your hand. Check out the outdoor picnic tables, see the space and get a glimpse of the adventure ahead!

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    Have a Ball

    Tell time by counting the balls. The number of balls on the bottom rail indicates the hour, the number on the middle rail measures ten minutes each and the top rail counts the minutes!

    Pendulum Swings

    See potential and kinetic energy firsthand and how the clock operates on these motions.

    Learn About Counterbalance

    Learn how weights on the end of pendulum shafts affect their motion in unpredictable ways.

    Understanding Gravity

    See how gravity causes the balls to travel the rails, creating the kinetic energy needed to “tell time.”

    YouTube video

    YouTube video

    YouTube video