Florida Water Story

Understand How Underground Aquifers Provide Floridians Fresh Water.

Water and Its Wonders

Water is the star of this story! Enjoy an interactive exhibit explaining the importance of water to Florida residents and the environment we share. Discover and learn how water shapes our land, underground aquifers, and how the aquifers that underlie Florida provide us fresh water. You will gain a better understanding why water is among Florida’s (and Earth’s) most precious resources!

Sea-sonal Impact

Experiment with the effects of wet and dry seasons on a giant Florida water table.

Water Sharing

Interact with devices that challenge learners to divide Florida’s water between people, farming and nature and see the outcome of those decisions realized.

Aquifer Exploration

Walk through an aquifer where Florida’s drinking water is stored before it reaches your tap!

Important Water Choices

Discover how everyday choices can impact our water and examine how water pollution can impact Florida’s coral reefs.