Design! Build! Play! Keva!

Learn the Basic Construction Concepts of Building.

The Sky’s the Limit

Get in on the Ground Floor of Fun!

Discover the fun of building anything you can dream! Construct a bridge, build a skyscraper or design your own structure in our KEVA exhibit. These simple wooden planks provide endless possibilities to think and create in three dimensions while learning to work together with friends and partners to unravel physics challenges using principles of balance, geometric shapes and stability. When you spend time in this exhibit, there’s no holding back design exploration and creativity!

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Virtual Tour

Take a Sneak Peek at the Things You Can Do!

Pan, pinch, and zoom your way through this construction-based exhibit from the palm of your hand. See the spaces where you can build and design any structure in your mind. Skyscrapers? Check. Bridges? Check. It’s all here in Design! Build! Play! Keva!

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    Learn Functional Design Skills

    Be a Builder

    Get to Work on Those Big Ideas

    See what you can build and the imagination and skill it takes to pull it off. Design. Build. Play… whatever you want to design or create, this exhibit is for thinking, learning, and doing!

      Construct Imaginatively

      Build a bridge with your own design!

      Scrape the Sky

      Challenge yourself, friends, or family to build the tallest building!

      Learn Building Techniques

      Engineer an arch with structural integrity.


      Keva creations are temporary. Knocking them down is half the fun!

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