MODS Stay Home STEM Packs

MODS has the cure for boredom! We’ve bundled the most scientastic tinkers, activities and games in interest-based, boredom-busting packs. Just wait until your children (ages 3–12) unbox these gems. Upload an unboxing video when you receive the package and tag us @modsftl!

(all prices include tax and shipping!)

Rrrroar! Dinosaur STEM Pack • $65Growing, Glowing Galaxy STEM Pack • $75
Crazy Aaron’s Dino Poop Thinking Putty, Safari good luck mini dino figures, Wild Republic Dinosaur Family Animal Figurines Tube, E-Z Build 3D puzzle kit, 3D Wooden puzzle, mammoth dig kit and 3D Dinosaur Fact Cards.Washable markers, paint with water, sticker pad,
jumbo coloring pad, crystal growing, Galaxy
OOZ-O’s and Discovery Glowing Science.

Brilliant Builder Engineering STEM Pack • $100MEGA MODS STEM Exploration Pack • $200
KEVA Color Pops, KEVA balls,
Un-blocks magnetic,
SPEKS magnetic, metal
Earth 3D puzzle and
KEVA Contraptions 200pc, Q-BA-MAZE Spectrum, SPHERO mini robotic ball, jumbo coloring book, color pencils, super 3 SPEKS, pocket puzzle, moon mud, rainbow putty, crazy Aaron’s precious, growing crocodile and 100pc Ravensburg puzzle.

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