S.A.F.E. STEM Camp

Give your child a S.A.F.E. (Science. Affordable. Fun. Educational) and unforgettable STEM experience at Camp Discovery’s multi-day camp program for children ages 6 through 12 (entering grades 1–6). MODS provides campers with interactive exploration and immersive learning opportunities. 

For ages 6-12
Time: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Before and After Care Available from 9–10 a.m. and 4–5 p.m. in the Atrium and/or outdoor Science Park for physical distancing.

Fees & Registration

One-Day Camp
Museum members: $40
Non-members: $45
Five-Day Camp
Museum members: $200 per week
Non-members: $225 per week

Book in advance to receive $10 off!

MULTI-DAY CAMPS We offer two-day and five-day camps depending on the week. Weeks cannot be prorated for fewer days attended.

MULTI-CHILD DISCOUNTS Save $25 off total for each two-day and five-day camps. Multi-day camps cannot be prorated.

T-SHIRTS Campers are required to wear Camp Discovery t-shirts. Two FREE shirts will be included with registration for any multi-day camp, and an additional shirt will be provided for subsequent weeks. Additional shirts can be purchased for $10 at check-in.

FIELD TRIPS will only be to Esplanade Park, an outdoor venue directly across from the Museum.

ADVANCED REGISTRATION is required to guarantee a spot due to smaller group sizes. Camp Discovery requires a minimum of eight (8) campers per group to run and will be capped at ten (10) campers per group for physical distancing (see notes below.)


  • Reduced group sizes and ratios for physical distancing (10 campers per 1 educator + support counselor).
  • Touchless entry including a daily temperature check and sign-in process.
  • Daily health and safety protocol review with campers, including:
    Every camper must bring a mask each day.
  • Masks are available for purchase in the Explore Store for $8-10 if not supplied by caregivers.
    • Every camper must bring a reusable water bottle clearly labeled with their name. No single-use plastic bottles, please.
    • Physical distancing guidelines adherence.
    • Proper handwashing technique and frequent reminders.
    • Designated Camp restrooms and water fountain.
  • Required pre-registration for a guaranteed spot.
  • Museum educators in masks.
  • Adherence to all local, state and national health and safety laws, rules and guidelines. Camp educators are prepared to provide an amazing summer that does not rely on Museum exhibit exploration or IMAX as programming components.

On-site Camp Discovery

Science of Suds
January 8 (One-Day Camp)
Ever wonder why soap bubbles form? Learn how surface tension, flexibility, and elasticity work together to create bubbles. Create bouncing bubbles, ghostly boo bubbles, and even Ivory soap souffle! 

Super Senses
January 18 (One-Day Camp)
Think you have some super senses? They may not be as super “sense”-itive as you think! We’ll teach you how to trick your taste buds and you’ll discover what your nose knows in our taste and smell labs. See how good a painter you are when you can only use your feet!

Kids in Space
February 15 (One-Day Camp)
From blast off to touch down we are experiencing life in space. Build a rocket, team up to create a space station, and try your hand at making astronaut food. This camp is out of this world.

Artful Architecture
March 19 (One-Day Camp)
Majestic and beautiful buildings are a combination of engineering and style. In this camp we will build foundations using KEVA blocks, design houses to combat a storm and see the inner workings of urban planning. Let’s draft up some fun.

Into America’s Wild
March 22-26 (Five-Day Camp)
Roam mountains, lakes and forests as we examine the extremes of nature and how animals and humans survive. Create animal bridges for an urban wilderness, meet animal ambassadors from Florida’s wild places and explore environmental sustainability for the future of these places. Campers will see the new IMAX film Into America’s Wild.

STEM Magic
April 2 (One-Day Camp)
Science! Technology! Engineering! Math! Each day is something new as we explore some of the exciting careers in STEM. Explore different science careers from an engineer who performs stress tests on bridges to researching water quality as a marine biologist.

Code for Good
May 13 (One-Day Camp)
How do computer’s get information? Through a language called coding. Make your own video game, write codes for crafts, and code some of our robots. Discover the programmer in you.

One-Day CampFive-Day Camp

Please click here for registration information and instructions.

For questions, please call 954.713.0930 or email booking@mods.net.