About our IMAX® Theater

The Science of Cinema Has Been Raised to the Level of Magic!

About the AutoNation IMAX theater - IMAX with Laser is here.

The IMAX with LASER® groundbreaking movie projection technology has transformed the AutoNation IMAX 3D Theater experience into one of the most extraordinary theater experiences in the world. The AutoNation® IMAX 3D Theater is the only place in Florida, and one of only a few in the world, to offer 2D and 3D movies using the new IMAX with Laser system.

Designed from the ground up for IMAX’s largest screens, the dual 4K laser projection system is equipped with a new optical engine and a suite of proprietary IMAX technologies capable of projecting an image with up to a 1.43:1 aspect ratio with maximum resolution and sharpness, unparalleled 2D and 3D brightness, industry-leading contrast and an expanded color gamut that will allow filmmakers to present more vivid and exotic colors than ever before.

IMAX’s next-generation sound system delivers even greater power and precision, doubling the sound  through an enhanced 12–channel  system with boosted sub-bass featuring 114 speakers capable of 52,000 watts of digital sound. Whether you’re hearing a pin drop or feeling the heart-pounding force of  volcano or a rock concert or a thunderstorm – you’re going to have a new kind of visceral sound experience.

It’s the difference between watching a movie and being a part of one!

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Certified Giant Screen Cinema®

The AutoNation IMAX 3D Theater and is one of only three theaters in Florida that have been designated as a Certified Giant Screen Cinema® by the Giant Screen Cinema Association. Our six-story-high screen, measuring 60 ft. high x 80 ft. wide, is large enough to show a whale life-size! Our giant screen combined with our unique theater geometry, stadium seating and IMAX sound system provides you with a truly immersive film experience.

About the AutoNation IMAX theater - Screen Size Comparison


About the AutoNation IMAX theater - A Chart.

15/70mm Projection

The AutoNation IMAX Theater was retrofitted with a 15/70mm projection system for the release of Christopher Nolan’s TENET with IMAX in mind – capturing the film with IMAX cameras, among the highest-resolution cameras in the world, and also refining the film throughout post-production in an IMAX theatre to further optimize how audiences will experience the film in IMAX. Only in IMAX theatres will these sequences expand vertically to fill the entire screen – providing audiences with even greater scope and breathtaking image quality for a truly immersive experience.

What makes this film a different experience in IMAX?

IMAX is the world’s most immersive cinematic experience. Everything from the movie itself to the theatre design, projection and sound has been customized and enhanced to make you feel like you are part of the action.

What’s unique about the IMAX camera?

The IMAX 2D 15perf / 70mm film camera is among the highest-resolution cameras in the world.

When captured with the IMAX camera, the image projected features almost 10x more resolution than conventional 35mm film – providing unparalleled scope and quality.

Exclusively in IMAX theatres, scenes shot with this camera will expand to fill the entire screen, allowing moviegoers to experience more of the image with unprecedented crispness and clarity and for a truly immersive experience, as Christopher Nolan intended.

How much footage of the film did Christopher Nolan capture with IMAX cameras?

Many sequences of the film were captured with IMAX cameras.

What happens on screen during the sequences shot with IMAX cameras?  

The technical term for the proportional relationship between an image’s width and its height is called aspect ratio. When a film is presented in standard theatres, it is typically cropped and uses only part of the image the movie camera captures. This is the reason most ordinary screens are very wide but not particularly high.

IMAX provides filmmakers with the ability to use an expanded aspect ratio for the IMAX presentation of their film during production through filming with the extremely high-resolution IMAX camera.

Exclusively in IMAX theatres, sequences of TENET will be presented in an expanded IMAX aspect ratio and fill the entire IMAX screen – offering moviegoers more of the image than standard cinemas for a truly immersive experience.

What aspect ratio will the scenes shot with IMAX cameras be presented in?

Only in IMAX theatres will sequences filmed with IMAX cameras expand vertically to fill the entire screen.

In IMAX theatres featuring 15 perf / 70mm film and select IMAX with Laser® theatres, these scenes will expand up to a 1.43:1 aspect ratio.

In all other IMAX theatres these scenes can expand up to a 1.9:1 aspect ratio.

Which IMAX format should I see the film in?

Because portions of the movie were captured using IMAX cameras and the remainder has gone through IMAX’s proprietary image and sound enhancement process, ANY presentation in IMAX – whether film, laser or xenon digital – is superior to that of any other format. IMAX designed its state-of-the-art cameras, digital re-mastering process, projection and audio systems, and theatre design with one goal in mind – to deliver an experience that takes moviegoers to the very edge of reality.

Why should I experience TENET in 15perf/70mm IMAX film instead of standard 35mm film?

The IMAX Experience featuring 15 perf / 70-millimeter film projection combines the brightest, clearest images at almost 10 times the resolution of standard 35mm film, with powerful, laser-aligned digital sound and customized theatre geometry to create the world’s most immersive movie experience.

Why should I experience TENET in theatres featuring IMAX laser and digital projection over standard digital theatres?

IMAX with Laser was designed from the ground up for IMAX’s largest screens (75 feet or greater in width) and the dual 4K laser projection system is equipped with a new optical engine and suite of proprietary IMAX technologies capable of projecting an image with up to a 1.43:1 aspect ratio.

The IMAX Experience featuring digital projection combines dual projectors with sub-pixel alignment to produce clear, high contrast images with powerful, laser-aligned digital sound and customized theatre geometry, creating the world’s most immersive digital movie experience.

Coupled with an incredible sound system, both IMAX’s laser and digital projection systems draws audiences into the action and provide an experience you simply cannot get in a standard theatre.

What’s the difference between the formats?

When IMAX was formed, it was based on a 15perf / 70-millimeter film format the company invented as a superior alternative to 35-millimeter film. Digital and laser did not exist at the time. As it became clear that an industry shift to digital was inevitable, IMAX decided to create the next generation of digital cameras, projectors and software that would propel the format forward – much as it had done for film over 50 years ago. While a majority of IMAX theatres have transitioned to digital technology, some of the company’s original purpose-built theatres continue to use film or have both film and digital projection systems installed. The experience in both formats is spectacular.

As part of its commitment to pushing boundaries and doing things never before done in cinema, IMAX developed its next-generation projection and sound system featuring groundbreaking laser technology. IMAX with Laser is more than a handful of new innovations—it’s a re-imagination of the movie theatre experience. Designed from the ground up for IMAX’s largest screens (75 feet or greater in width), the dual 4K laser projection system is equipped with a new optical engine and suite of proprietary IMAX technologies capable of projecting an image with up to a 1.43:1 aspect ratio coupled with an incredible new sound system.

While IMAX has shifted its focus to advancing digital and laser, it continues to cater to leading filmmakers who want to take advantage of its film technology. Filmmakers are some of IMAX’s most important partners and advocates and the company is committed to respecting and honoring their artistic vision, which means providing them the means to fulfill that vision in any way possible.


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