School Outreach

The following outreach programs are facilitated by MODS and held on location at schools, community, civic and recreational
centers and libraries. Please note capacities and space requirements.


Our team of educators will travel throughout Florida to bring the Museum’s unique educational experience to your school. From animals to physics, we have interactive programs from early childhood through grade 12. All of our programs are aligned with the Florida National Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Assembly Outreach: 45-minutes/120 students maximum $275 for first
program each day • $175 each additional (up to four per day)

Classroom Outreach:
45-minutes/30 students per session $200 for first
program each day • $120 each additional (up to four per day)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to setup and breakdown time it is preferred that one area is designated for Museum classroom presentations and to schedule students to attend the shows throughout the day.

To book your outreach program, email booking@mods.org or call 954.713.0930.


Amusement Park Engineers (Classroom only. Grades 2-8) Fast, fun and fearless. Students will learn how various theme park rides are designed and engineered and then they will create a ride, culminating with a friendly “ride” competition.

Arthropod Adventure (Assembly or Classroom. Adapted to grade level) Let us bug your classroom with our live residents to show your students the wonderful world of arthropods.

Liquid Laboratory (Early Childhood–Grade1; Assembly or Classroom. Adapted to grade level) Explore the world of chemical reactions with MODS toothpaste! This hands-on, eruptive, experiment will allow students and educators alike to experience the fun and excitement of seeing how different chemicals interact with each other. In addition, we’ll bring along one of our animal accomplices for more interactive learning and enjoyment.

Cold Blooded Critters (Assembly or Classroom. Adapted to grade level) Meeting our reptiles will encourage your students to learn about these fascinating animals and their place in our ecosystems.

Crazy Chemistry! (Assembly or Classroom. Adapted to grade level) Amaze your students as energy and matter come to life in this exciting chemistry demonstration.

Electrifying Experiences (Classroom only. Adapted to grade level) Investigate how circuits and electricity work through snap circuits. Students will connect circuits to make a flashlight turn on, doorbells ring and propellers turn.

NISE Earth & Space Science (Classroom only. Grades 2-8) Created by the National Informal STEM Education Network and NASA, this outreach will engage students in earth and space phenomena. Students will rotate through a variety of engaging hands-on activities delving into the scientific process and concepts of astronomy, physics and geology.

Planetarium (Adapted to grade level. Grades PreK–5: 30 students max. Grades 6 and above: 25 students max.) Take a journey through the night sky in our portable Star Lab planetarium. Choose from four exciting shows that revolve around our universe:

  • Two Small Pieces of Glass Discover the history of the telescope from the time of Galileo and its profound impact upon the science of astronomy.
  • Saturn Ring World See Saturn up-close and all-around-you inside our dome theater.
  • Star Stories Learn about stars, the distance between heavenly bodies, star brightness and how to use star constellations as a guide.
  • Flight Adventures Discover the science of flight through the eyes of a young girl and her grandfather as they explore how birds, kites, planes and models fly.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Star Lab can only be booked for indoor facilities with ceilings 13 feet or higher. Grades Pre-K–5: 30 students max. Grades 6 and above: 25 students max.

Totally Sea Turtles (Classroom only. Adapted to grade level) In this presentation students will learn about the seven species of sea turtles, which specific ones nest in Florida, how they nest, who their predators are and how to protect them. 

NEW! Wise Bodies (Assembly or Classroom. Grades 9-12) This FREE 45-minute hands-on curriculum on HIV and STDs will help students understand the meanings and differences of the words pathogen, virus, vaccine, HIV and AIDS.  They will also understand how people contract infectious diseases, how the body defends itself against infection and how humans prevent the spread of disease. Wise Bodies has been approved by the Broward County School District.

NEW! Understanding Climate Change (Assembly or Classroom. Adapted to grade level) Don’t let myths and rumors on climate change fool you. This program brings the facts and implications of climate disruption to the classroom.