Bring the summer to a close with a day of slime at MODS!

What can families do at the Museum?

  • Activities: Make-and-take different slimes, evaluate and compare various versions and discover the differences between slime and Oobleck and everything in between!
  • Exhibits, Shows and Demos: Discover the revolting things our body systems can do, all in the name of keeping everyone safe and healthy by investigating snot, diapers and more in our Guts, Goo, and Poo demonstration. Guests will be amazed by what happens to objects in extremely cold liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -320 degrees Fahrenheit in our Cool Off Liquid Nitrogen show! Then assess a non-Newtonian fluid, Oobleck, in our scientastic show!
  • Animal Encounters: Learn about different slimy creatures, including slugs, frogs and many others.
  • Watch an IMAX on the GIANT Screen: Amazon Adventure, Ocean Odyssey and more!
  • Career Connection: Learn what it is to be a chemist, chef by following a recipe, seeing a reaction and giving it your own flair.

The Slime Time program is FREE with Museum admission.