Moon boots on! Aspiring astronauts will explore the wonder, obstacles and challenges of a journey to space.

What can families do at the Museum?

  • Out-of-This-World Activities: Make-and-take a spacecraft, learn the physics of celestial bodies, explore the geology of planets and moons, as well as participate in Pop-Up Science activities including a parachute and wind chute challenge.
  • Exhibits, Shows and Demos: Space travelers will explore the Planet Pioneers: Journey to Space traveling exhibit , discover the science of astronomy, physics and geology at the Earth and Space station, experiment with the forces of gravity, friction, air pressure and centripetal forces in our Fascinating Forces demonstration and go on a guided Rock Talks tour with our MODS’ in-house geologist.
  • Catch an Interstellar IMAX on the GIANT Screen: Asteroid Hunters, A Beautiful Planet, Dream Big, Hubble 3D, Space Station and more!
  • Career Connection: Explore aviation and space exploration careers.

Free with Museum admission.