Whether you’re a senior group wanting to see the latest documentary IMAX film at the AutoNation IMAX 3D Theater or a summer camp bringing campers to the Museum for a day of fun,  we can customize your visit to best suit your needs.

You can choose an IMAX-only package, an exhibits-only package or a combo package. Groups of 15 or more receive discount group pricing. Let our group specialist help you create a memorable group outing!


What’s New at the Museum?

For questions, please email booking@mods.org or call 954.713.0930.


Saturday Field Trips

Saturday Field Trips for homeschooled learners, small groups and scouts are subject to availability and require
three weeks advanced notice. For questions or to book your group visit, please email booking@mods.org or call 954.713.0930.


Book Three Experiences in a Year and Receive a Special Discount of $50!


Virtual Experience Available!

Please email booking@mods.org.



Please call 954.713.0930 or email booking@mods.org if you have questions or to book your group visit.


Summer Camp Field Trips

For additional information about our summer camp field trip program, please call 954.713.0930 or email booking@mods.org.


Use the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding at the Museum of Discovery and Science (MODS)

Utilize your ESSER Funds* with MODS Programming by Investing in Your Students’ Academic and Social-Emotional Recovery from the COVID Slide! 

MODS offers standards-aligned, evidence-based STEM enrichment programming perfectly positioned to equip students in grades K-12 with the fundamental academic skills needed to thrive. From a social-emotional standpoint, students will re-engage with their peers, reignite their learning and escape into whimsical worlds where their creativity and imagination can run free. 

MODS’ programming helps students rediscover and reconnect. ESSER funds can be used for:  

  • Onsite field trips at the Museum
  • Offsite at a location of your choice
  • Virtual summer and school field trips 
  • Supplemental afterschool programming 
  • STEMobile booking 
  • Family science events 

Schedule today; contact our specialists at booking@mods.org!

More Information:

  • The ARP ESSER Fact Sheet, published on March 17, 2021, provides an overview the program and a comparison of ESSER Fund (funded through the CARES Act), ESSER II Fund (funded through the CRRSA Act), and ARP ESSER (ARP Act).
  • FAQs

*What are ESSER funds? Congress recently approved the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act, which includes unprecedented assistance for Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER). ESSER funds help address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on students’ recovery from the learning loss, emotional distress and isolation as a result of COVID-19. Approved uses of funds include summer and supplemental after school programs for students and in-school and summer learning opportunities (onsite or virtual). Ask your principal, director or grants administrator for more information on ESSER funds.