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Museum of Discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale
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Camp Discovery for ages 6-12

Camp Discovery is designed to give children entire days filled with exploration and hands-on learning. Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (before and after care is available). Camp fee includes all workshop materials and chaperoned exhibit exploration. Children should bring two snacks, lunch and a drink. The Subway Café is available as a lunch option.  Call 954.713.0930 to register.

One-Day Camps
$55 per child, $50 for MODS Members

Two-Day Camps
$90 per child, $80 for MODS Members

Three-Day Camps
$140 per child, $120 for MODS Members

Four-Day Camps
$200 per child, $175 for MODS Members

Five-Day Camps
$225 per child, $200 for MODS Members

Note: Multiple Day Camps must be purchased for complete camp duration even if child unable to the full session.

To register call 954.713.0930

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

Note: Camps with two, four or five days can not be purchased as one day camps.

All camps include an exciting IMAX® Film Adventure.


Science of Sleuthing
December 19, 2014

Everyone loves a good mystery! Discover the science behind crime solving. Use the scientific method to discover what is going on in the mystery boxes. Learn how blood drop analysis can tell you exactly what happens in a crime scene, extract DNA from fruit and send secret messages using Frixion pens.

Fact or Fiction
December 26, 2014

Can a person really have the superhuman strength to move a car with their bare hands? Is our blood ever green? Can you walk on eggs without breaking them? How long can a person hold their breath? Is it possible to explode a watermelon using only rubber bands?

Super Senses
January 19, 2015

Think you have some super senses? They may not be as super “sense”ative as you think! We’ll teach you how to trick your taste buds and you’ll discover what your nose knows in our taste and smell labs. See how good a painter you are when you can only use your feet and experience a movie like never before, using all of your senses in our brand new 7-D theater.


Incredible Inventions - 3 Day Camp
December 22 – December 24, 2014

Bring your thinking cap for this camp because you’re going to need it! This engineering camp will have you building some simple machines and cool contraptions that will shoot, throw, balance and even knit! You’ll make a chain reaction using craft sticks, work with circuit boards and even make your own motion picture!!

Mad Scientists - 5 Day Camp
December 29, 2014 to January 2, 2015

Camp Discovery is going mad this week: mixing, measuring and making a mess!! We’ll be growing and shrinking eggs, making a soap soufflé, floating fireworks in a glass and creating electric cornstarch. You’ll discover how to make your soda invisible and how to make your milk explode with color. We’re mad… I tell you…. MAD!!!

FUTURE FILE - Plan Ahead

Survival of the Fittest
February 16, 2015
What if you were stranded on an island? Do you have what it takes to make it back to society? Test your survival skills by learning how to tell time by the sun and discover how to navigate using the night sky. Using common beach materials, build a raft that could be used to take you to safety.

Green Rangers
March 20, 2015
Planet Earth is our home and it is our job to keep it safe and clean! Engineer and build a bio dome out of recycled materials. Discover how pollution can affect an environment. Examine how hard it is to make dirty water clean and compete in recycling races. Find out how scientists help save the ocean and animals after an oil spill.

2015 Spring Break Camp - 5-Day Camp
Young Einsteins
March 23 – March 27, 2015

Do you want to be an astronaut and learn how to build a rocket that will take you to Mars? What about being a doctor and making a cast for a broken bone? Explore different science careers from an engineer who performs stress tests on bridges to researching water quality as a marine biologist. Somebody’s Gotta Do It!



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Museum of discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale, Florida